About Us

About Us

Founded in 1977, the Minnesota Companion Bird Association (MCBA) continues to pursue these goals:

  • Help you be successful with your pet Bird
  • Educate members on the changing world of pet bird care, including developments in feeding, behavior, and health
  • Promote the conservation of and appreciation for the world’s rainforests and other avian habitats
  • Update members about challenges facing birds in the wild and encourage programs which support endangered species
  • Promote the health and happiness of all birds with help from other members and our guest speakers
  • Provide a friendly atmosphere to socialize with other bird owners and enthusiasts

The Minnesota Companion Bird Association is a bird club based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, providing a social, informational, and commercial network for over 300 parrot (and other pet bird) owners, aviculturists, business owners, avian veterinarians, and ornithologists throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the Midwest. Whether you are just starting to look for your first bird or you have many years in aviculture, the MCBA welcomes you!

Board of directors

Term Expires: 1/1/2019
Term Expires: 1/1/2019
Term Expires: 1/1/2019
Term Expires: 1/1/2019
Term Expires: 1/1/2019



The Minnesota Companion Bird Association was founded in 1977. We are governed by a six to ten member Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three to six Directors. Elections are held every November to determine the four executive positions and one half of the Directors. In addition, Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the Board to head our many specialized committees. 

The Board meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. At Davannis Restaurant in Golden Valley, MN. Off of Highway 55 and Winnetka Ave. 

All members are welcome to attend Board meetings. Members are asked to reserve agenda time in advance if they would like to address the Board.

Bird Of The Month

Samantha Rose is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix).  She is 21 years old and is in her second home having joined her current flock in 2008.  Sam is a gentle girl, chooses to limit her human vocabulary but loves making Amazon sounds.  She always sounds so happy!  The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is an endangered species native to Mexico and northern Central America.  Because of their endangered status only captive bred birds can be owned.  They are known to have charming personalities and are highly desirable as pets.  Samantha’s humans of course think that she is a “practically perfect parrot in every way” Sam resides with a lively flock of 3 African Grey parrots, a Blue Fronted Amazon (who she is constantly competing with!) and a male Eclectus that calls Sam his “girl”.

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