Meeting Summaries

Each month MCBA will post our meeting summaries here so you can see what topics we cover and what we are about. 


Deb White (Superbird Creations) and Kris Porter (Parrot Enrichment) were our special facilitators of this fantastic, interactive toy making workshop.  We had great attendance and everyone left with several toys for their flock.  Deb and Kris made 4 toy “prototypes” and walked us through the construction of those toys – then let us loose with a plethora of toy parts to create our own designs. 

A VERY SPECIAL thank you to Deb for once again traveling to Minnesota to lead a MCBA workshop.  We are fortunate to have Kris Porter living in Minnesota now and participating in many bird club events.

Deb White has been extremely generous to MCBA for many years.  We encourage you to support her businesses!  All the toy parts are available at her online store – Make Your Own Bird Toys.  Click here to start shopping!


Behavior & Training Workshop

Bird Of The Month

Samantha Rose is a Double Yellow Headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix).  She is 21 years old and is in her second home having joined her current flock in 2008.  Sam is a gentle girl, chooses to limit her human vocabulary but loves making Amazon sounds.  She always sounds so happy!  The Double Yellow Headed Amazon is an endangered species native to Mexico and northern Central America.  Because of their endangered status only captive bred birds can be owned.  They are known to have charming personalities and are highly desirable as pets.  Samantha’s humans of course think that she is a “practically perfect parrot in every way” Sam resides with a lively flock of 3 African Grey parrots, a Blue Fronted Amazon (who she is constantly competing with!) and a male Eclectus that calls Sam his “girl”.

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