Interested in birds? The oldest established bird club in the USA is right here in Minnesota!! Join our monthly meetings, which feature interesting speakers, education, fun, and entertainment for the parrot enthusiast. Learn about proper nutrition and behavior, foraging, and more – Plus gain an understanding of birds in the wild & conservation efforts!!! 

All meetings start at 7:00 pm. 

No birds are allowed due to the possible transfer of avian diseases.

To keep everyone's feathered friends safe we do not allow birds at our meetings.

Meeting Information

Most MCBA bird club meetings feature speakers discussing various aspects of aviculture - bird behavior, health care,  conservation, environmental issues, nutrition, and more. Two meetings per year feature fundraisers with food, fun and a casual atmosphere. We schedule several national and international bird-related speakers each year to inform and entertain our members. To help cover the costs of these special programs, we sometimes have to charge a small additional admission fee for both members and visitors.

The Minnesota Companion Bird Association meets at the Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Rd, Maple Grove, Minnesota. 

Meeting Protocol and Visitor 

All members, guests, and visitors must sign in upon entering the meeting hall. After a short social period, meetings are called to order for announcements about MCBA events and other topics. The main program (1 - 2 hours) follows these announcements. Children are always welcome, but parents are expected to remind them to remain quiet during the presentation. There is no smoking allowed in the facility.

The MCBA loves to have visitors join us at our bird club meetings! Visitors and guests of members may attend one meeting free of charge, but must pay an admission fee of $3.00 per meeting (More when there is an out-of-town speaker) thereafter, should they choose not to join by that time.

We are excited about our 2018 Schedule of Events!


(Subject to change based on availability)

Monthly Meetings are from 7 PM – 9 PM at the Maple Grove Community Center



Bird Of The Month

Meet Groucho – a Congo African Grey parrot!  Groucho turned out to be a girl after 15 years of being a boy ( a blood test is needed to determine sex in this species).  Groucho was hatched in 1992 as far as we know from her records. She came to her adoptive home when her second owner became ill and could no longer care for her.  African Grey parrots are known for being incredibly smart and great talkers and sound mimickers – although many other species have demonstrated the same capabilities.  Some African Grey parrots choose not to use human language to communicate so if having a “talking bird” is important to you, it is best to get an adult bird that has shown a willingness to talk. Groucho has been living happily with her “forever home” family since 2007 and has 2 other African Greys, 2 Amazons and a male Eclectus in her flock. 

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